Receiving an award from Hugh Montgomery.

I am a retired State Department foreign affairs analyst, manager and political observer, and now an independent consultant and classical music YouTube archivist in the Washington DC area.  I started my intelligence career when Jimmy Carter was President and counted among my mentors Hugh Montgomery (photo, presenting me with an award), OSS counter-intelligence officer, handler for Oleg Penkovsky, director of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (1981 - 1985) and US Ambassador to the United Nations.

After a 39-year career at the nexus of the worlds of intelligence and diplomacy observing the USSR, the Middle East and Africa, I am available to share with you my expertise, insights, and observations on international affairs and foreign policy.   Career details are here.

I am passionate about music and, in addition to my professional interests, manage a classical music YouTube channel with over 50,000 subscribers. I have a large collection of LPs -- including many out of print classical recordings that have never been commercially marketed on CD -- and enjoy digitizing these rare performances to make them more widely available.  (Please see an interview I gave in 2013 to Interlude magazine here.)

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Music Videos

Below is a random sampling of some of my YouTube music videos. Click on the image to watch. Please see a searchable index of thousands of my videos here.